Time Item Speaker

Monday 3rd April

09:00 Opening -
09:15 Models and Algorithms for the Kidney Exchange Problem David Manlove
10:00 Coffee -
10:30 Computing Balanced Solutions for Large International Kidney Exchange Schemes Xin Ye
11:00 Resolving the complexity of variants of stable matching problems. Peace Ayegba
11:30 Towards a Physical Fundamental Computational Complexity Theory Carlos A. Perez Delgado
12:00 On Cost Register Automata with Few Registers Andrew Ryzhikov
12:30 Lunch -
13:30 Technocamps: Transforming Digital Education Throughout Wales Faron Moller
14:15 Navigating Pedagogies: Teaching Theory-Heavy Courses to Software Engineering Students Waqar Nabi
15:00 Coffee -
15:30 Education Session -
16:30 BCTCS Meeting -
17:30 Drinks -
19:00 End -

Tuesday 4th April

09:00 Mining Invariants from State Space Observations Ben Lloyd-Roberts
09:30 Streaming zero-knowledge proofs Marcel De Sena Dall'Agnol
10:00 Coffee -
10:30 Three trips around the “virtuous circle”: theory, algorithms, software and experiments Steve Linton
11:15 How can a constraint solver prove it is telling the truth? Matthew McIlree
11:45 GPGPUs, Supercomputers, and a Game of Chess Filippos Pantekis
12:15 Constant-Depth Circuits vs. Monotone Circuits Bruno Pasqualotto Cavalar
12:45 Lunch -
13:30 Composable Constraint Models for Permutation Patterns and their enumeration Ruth Hoffmann
14:15 The TaRDiS and epidemics in temporal graphs David Kutner
14:45 Minimising temporal reachability in graphs with uncertainty Laura Larios-Jones
15:15 Coffee -
15:30 On Transposition Distance of Words with Fixed Parikh Vectors Nathan Flaherty
16:00 On finding the b-chromatic number of a tree Fabricio Mendoza Granada
16:30 An Exercise in Tournament Design: When Some Matches Must Be Scheduled Peter Strulo
17:00 Lower-order ranks and the structure of the ranges of boolean polynomials on finite prime fields. Thomas Karam